Friday, February 10, 2012

happy 4 months emma

dear emma

Happy 4 months

Emma you are officially 4 months old today! It's amazing that it's been 4 months. On one hand, I can't believe you’ve only been here for such a short amount of time. It seems like I've known you forever, you’ve become so ingrained with my own identity. On the other hand, there's still a time of every day that I look over at you and think "holy crap, I have a baby! I'm a MOMMY! AGAIN, Woah!" That’s usually followed by a giant smile, and I say "you're my baby!" over and over and you giggle like crazy.

You can really see just how quickly you are growing. 
Your giggle is infectious.  Your giggle makes me giggle and I love it.
You are so strong.  You still can’t roll over, but you hate to be on your tummy anyways so what’s the point of rolling over?  I can carry you on my hip now and you can sit up when you are propped against something.
You know what you want.  You are so deliberate with your movements.  You practice putting your pacifier in and out of your mouth.  You love to play with your toys. 
You poop like a champ.  I’ve had to throw out a lot of onesies because you like to poop out your diaper.
Your little, raspy voice is adorable.  When you wake up in the morning you lay in your crib squirming and making noises.  When I come to get you, you greet me with the biggest smile and giggles.
You are like my little, real life doll.  I love to dress you up. 
You make us so happy.  We love you more than all the stars in the sky.
You are obsessed with your hands. You pray, you suck your fingers; you suck on your thumb. You're adorable.

Emma you’re getting your second round of shots next week. I'm dreading it!

Now that you are 4 months old...I can't believe you're already over 4 months old...I wanted to capture a few of your sweet Emma moments.  Taken with my new camera.

Emma, you smile so infectious

Emma, you smile so infectious

daddy`s little girl

a cranky 4 months

Happy 4 months my fancy face

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