Monday, February 6, 2012

emma`s first birthday party invite

So, on Saturday I attended Aaliyah's 2nd Birthday Party, for the first time with Emma.  And I will tell you that it was quite different from how I used to attend children`s parties before.

The birthday party was for the cutest 2 year old girl I have ever seen and met.  I mean the girl is a real cutie.   So anyway, I attended the birthday bash alongside my relatives, and with us were 4 children all aged between 1 – 9 years.  At this stage in the game, these parties are usually for the adults. 

Happy Birthday Candles on a Cake, Happy 2nd Birthday Aaliyah

So in the bash were 10 adults, 4 kids including Emma.   There were the little kids who were chasing after each other, enjoying the bouncing castle and basically hollering all over the place.  Then there were the mothers of these children.  I was the only mummy who had a smaller baby.  Of course lets not forget my handsome nephew Jeffrey, with the help of his other half Caleiigh put all this together for their adorable 2 year old daughter Aaliyah.

birthday girl Aaliyah and Baylee

Tia Manuela and Emma

Jeff and Emma

Aaliyah and her mommy Caleiigh blowing out the candles

Stephanie and Emma

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