Monday, July 9, 2012

what a scare

Today when I woke up I went to go pee and as I was wiping I found that my urine was a bright red.  SCAREY!!  I pondered a little and thought I know this can be normal, BUT! we all know me... I thought, thought and thought some more and I just couldn’t take the thinking so I had to be sure.  I packed up Emma and drove myself to the ER.  We got there are 7am checked in,  had some blood work done, the DR came immediately ordered a ultra sound, so 5 hours later yes at noon the DR came back to see me to give me the good news.. Everything is Normal MS. Rocha. 

He Says;
Your 13 weeks 1 day,
The anterior placenta and amniotic fluid volume is normal
The fetal heart rate is at 124 beats per minute
There us no active bleeding site identified


OMG woo; wow so I grabbed Emma and came home to rest, below is a pics of today’s ultra sound, everything is looking good and normal.

12weeks 4days

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