Wednesday, August 29, 2012

anatomy ultrasound

I had my anatomy ultrasound + gender on Monday.  The appointment went very well the tech was very throual and ensured that she got great measurements of baby # 4.  During the exam she walked me through and pointed out every body part she also went on to tell me what she was measuring, what the DR`s want.  I’ve been through to this 3 times and this is the only time I got a throual anatomy scan.  I usually get, there is the head, feet, heart, toes etc.. This tech was awesome.  Below you find some pics of baby #4.  Enjoy;

p.s; Matthew and I have decided to keep the gender a secret from all of you.

19W 5D

19W 5D

19W 5D
Here is a pic of mommy and daddy waiting for baby # 4

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